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DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) 64mm Flat Burrs

DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) 64mm Flat Burrs


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DLC (Diamond-Like-Carbon) burrs last and stay sharp up to 10x longer than standard stainless steel burrs.  The cutting pattern on these burrs has also been optimized for maximum consistency across the full range.

These can also be used in other grinders equipped with 64mm burrs such as:

  • Mazzer: Super Jolly, Mini E
  • Anfim: Caimano, Cody II
  • Ceado:  E5P, E6P, E37J

Technical Specifications

Brew methods: Espresso, Pourover, Frenchpress, Aeropress
Burr type: Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) Coated Stainless Steel
Burr size: 64mm


• DF Grinders: DF64, DF64E, DF64V, DF64P
• Mazzer: Super Jolly, Mini E, Mini A
• Anfim: Caimano, Cody II
• Ceado: E5P, E6P, E37J

Please also consult your grinder manufacturer as the list above doesn't include all compatible grinder models.

Our No Nonsense Return Policy

Please note that for quality assurance and to maintain the highest standards for all our customers, we are unable to accept returns on grinder burrs, ensuring every purchase is always brand new and top quality.

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